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Greetings friends. Hello. Welcome!

Welcome to my website, I finally got round to getting one after thinking about it and doing nothing for quite a while. Snappy, eh?

So, thanks for popping by. The main vision I have for it is that it will used to divert the kind of nutters who come up to me after gigs asking if I’ll do an hour at Big Ste’s 18th birthday, instead of giving them a false number then running away. If you are one of those people, I’m sorry. Get a bouncy castle instead.

There’s also a gig list where you can see where I’m on. Some photos of me with the same smile in all of them. And a couple of videos where I rub my belly too much on stage.

I’ll try and keep this blog up-to-date with goings on and news etc.


The Otdog (Work In Progress nickname)

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