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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Hoy hoy!

I’m heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a whole month today.

If you’re going up at any point I’m doing 2 shows every day (night), so come and say hello!

Firstly, I’m doing the Just The Tonic’s Big Value Showcase again. It was great fun to MC last year and I’m on another belting line up this time with Kiri Pritchard compering myself, Sofie Hagen and Don Tran. It’s at 7.20pm every night at Just The Tonic Community Project.

Then at 11.45pm every night me and  Brennan Reece are putting on a late night show where we get our mates to come on and do some stuff and generally have a bit of a dick about. We’re not entirely sure what it’ll be, but we’ve massively over booked it with acts so we’ll be doing about 2 minutes each. I’m just hoping Brennan gets a cold saw on the first day so no girls will kiss him, just like last year. On at the City Café. 

Hopefully see you there!


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